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Paul Johnson


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Juliet Vickers

Associate Principal

Papatūānuku Team Leader 

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Papatūānuku - New Entrant and Year 1/2 Team

Heather Earby

Room 8 ILE Teacher

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Ashley Dunbar

Room 8 ILE Teacher

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Christina Darney

Room 8 ILE Teacher 

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Anne Fromont

Room 2 Teacher

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Rebecca Carberry

Room 3 Teacher

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Donna Bell 

Room 2 and 4 Teacher

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Tangaroa - Year 3/4 Team

Philippa Fairclough

Tangaroa Team Leader

Room 5 Teacher

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Floortje Bastin

Room 5 Teacher

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Pip Bayley-Hine

Room 4 Teacher
Arts Specialist

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Johanna Tuck

Room 6 Teacher

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Stephen Baker

Room 7 Teacher

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Ranginui - Year 4/5/6 Team

Siobhan O'Hara

 (on leave)

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Liam Blyde

Room 9 Teacher

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Glynn Hills

Ranginui Team Leader
Room 10 Teacher

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Katie Fraser

Room 11 Teacher (Y6)

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Alana Bridger

Room 1 Teacher (Y6)

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Part-Time Teachers and Administration Staff

Justine Darney

Part Time Teacher

Lucie Wolfe
Part Time Teacher

Sandra Petrove

Reading Recovery Teacher

Gaylia Ellis

Reading Recovery Teacher

Susan Lupton
Part time Teacher (Music Specialist)

Matua Pete

Kaiako Te Ao Māori 

Vicki Sutton

Office Administrator

Lynne James

Office Administrator
Bryan Sutherland


Teacher Aide Support

Judith Price

Helen Chamberlain

Gregory Marfell

Kathy Hinton

Michaela Dwyer

Tracy Wray

Lena Leaf


Chantelle Blundell