Central School Te Kura Waenga o Ngāmotu (2160)


Home Zone

All students who live within the home zone described below and/or shown on the attached map shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

The confirmed zone is bordered by the Tasman Sea to the north.

In a clockwise direction:

To the east the zone extends along the coast up to and including both sides of Baring Terrace. The zone boundary along Devon Street East and Northgate is at the intersection with Baring Terrace. The zone then follows the Henui Stream south and ends at Timandra Steeet.

The zone includes addresses north of the intersection of Timandra Street and Coronation Avenue, including both sides of Timandra Street and number 149 Coronation Avenue.

To the south, the zone boundary is Cornwall Street, including addresses on both sides of Cornwall Street and numbers 99 and 102 Brooklands Road. All addresses on Kaimata Street and Torbay Street are included in the zone. Somerset Street between Kaimata Street and Cornwall Street, including number 13 Somerset Street is within the zone.

To the southwest, the zone includes addresses on Carrington Street north of the intersection with Parsons Street. Numbers 201, 201a and 202 Carrington Street are included in the zone. Turning right into Parsons Street from Carrington Road, the zone includes both sides of Parsons Street up to the bridge over the Huatoki Stream. Euclid Street is included in the zone.

The zone boundary then follows the Huatoki Stream until Mill Road. All addresses on Mill Road are included in the zone. The zone then follows Dawson Street in the south to the Dawson/ Standish roundabout. Turning left onto Standish Street, the zone follows Standish Street to Wallace Place, including addresses east of Standish Street on Barrett Street and Wallace Place. No addresses on Frankley Road are included in the zone.

Turning right onto Wallace Place, the zone continues to the intersection of Wallace Place and Morley Street, up to and including number 43 Wallace Place. Turning right on to Morley Street, this is the western boundary of the zone and includes both sides of Morley Street terminating at the sea in the north.

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